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I have heard some people quick in hoodwinking unsuspecting public that vulgarizing political party in the name of the struggle is because of the gaps or missing links in those political parties.
Dear Hon Latif Sebagala, Hon Mugambwa , your submission while appearing on record TV today Monday 13 was nothing but the pompous oratory of political gulotons. How do you argue that political parties on their own can’t cause change? So how is the pressure group of political opportunists going to miraculously cause change?

Henry Lubowa politics is a science not magic and if you people continue to behave like you returned to Uganda yestaday simply because you’re desparet to bounce back to the eating tables then I pity the young souls whose energy your going to manipulate in your egoistic adventure.

We all know what the problem of Uganda is but Mr Ssebagala sadly talks about magical change after 15years in Parliament doing less to further the struggle besides enterprising from the regime he alleges to oppose!

Didn’t you while on Akabozi FM in 2011 argue against the A4c (action for change) to call off Walk 2 work campaigns simply because you wanted your schools to resume smoothly! What mass organization and mobilisation have you been involved in asa Member of Parliament to prepare for general victory 2021?

The author is the Speaker of the People’s Parliament in Buganda under Dr Besigye’s People’s Government

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