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It’s no fun doing your best every day when at the back of your mind you know that you don’t love what you are doing and you only wish you had a purpose.

There is a point in everyone’s life when you begin to question yourself;

What is my purpose on earth? Is there anything important I am meant to do? The question for impact comes on the other side you want to improve yourself, and the personal development coach says,

“find your purpose!”

You want to start a business and the business consultant says,

“you need a purpose.”

No one gets born with a list of what he ought to with his life stuck to the palm of his hand.

We somehow figure out our purposes from here on earth. I am as blue about your purpose here on earth as you are. I don’t know the right answer to your, “WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?“ question.

But I know the right questions you should ask yourself to figure out your purpose on earth.

Here are seven questions that I think can help you find your purpose…

What is your thing?

In some cases, this simple question can unveil the answer you need. What is your thing? What is that has become part of you? For example, before I started, I noticed that the internet was my thing. I could spend sleepless nights and all days on the internet.

Now your thing might be music, or art or writing, or even talking. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. It just has to be something that you seem to do always. You kind of find yourself attached to it.

If you know your thing, go to the internet and look for every opportunity around your thing. You can also reach out to people who are already executing such things.

What is your childhood indulgence?

Do you still remember what you were so much sold to when you were still a little child? I loved making things; sometimes I drew some times I made cars from boxes.

This has something to do with your intrinsic personality and preferences and is a signal for what your purpose should be like.

If you were a creative kid, your purpose is not far from creative pursuits.

What can you allow discomfort for?

A music artist who studied and finished university with First Class packed his transcripts and started singing. When asked why he does not want to look for jobs; he said,

“I would rather be a broke singer than to be in a job.”

He has found what his purpose is and knows very well that there is no guarantee that he would not be broke. But his statement shows that he is ready whatsoever.

The point here is that, even in your very purpose, things might go wrong. You might encounter setbacks. But what shows that it is your purpose is your willingness to swallow the bitter taste and continue.

What can you do without being paid?

Most people have to start from zero and most of them want to make it to the heroes’ level. In my experience, if you start from zero, there is a certain period before which your efforts begin to pay off. This means that there is a need for patience until that point.

If that activity is your purpose, you will be willing to work at it even if you don’t get any rewards. You will even be able to volunteer and do it for free.

Purpose and freedom are brothers. What you are willing to do for free might be your purpose.

Now, this does not mean you don’t have to charge a fee for your purpose. But it does mean that the fee is not everything the purpose means to you.

What is your definition of freedom?

To some people, to be free means to take control of their fate by starting their own business. To others, freedom means to surrender all those hard works to the employees, and they prefer to simply work for the paycheck. And again some people prefer living a minimalist lifestyle while freelancing for life.

Your definition of freedom defines your perception of purpose. This requires you to meditate connect with yourself and think deeply about the path of life that makes sense to you.

What is your definition of freedom?

Is it liberation from the responsibility of the determination of your fate by yourself?


The power of determination of your fate?

What do you wish everyone would know and do?

Life experiences, in our most tragic moments, usually teach us lessons that thereafter we feel like we should let the world should know the precious lesson we learned from the mysterious valleys of life.

For example, when I went through a hell year of self uncertainty, I learned a great lesson in life, the need to have self-clarity in life. That became a purpose in itself. I felt like if I don’t tell the world about that, no one will tell it any better.

There is always a way people perceive things, a way people do things, that you think is not right and you think you have a better idea. That is your purpose! It is your opportunity to make the world a little bit better. Don’t shy away, don’t fear criticisms, just bring what you have got to the table of life.

What if you had nothing else to do, what would you do?

From the beginning of the ages, people seemed to hate changes. That is why many are stuck doing that which they don’t like to do. They, therefore, work only enough not to be fired, or enough to survive. Whatever it is, stop for a moment and ask,

What if I have nothing else to do when I need not work for survival, what would I choose to do?

This question helps you think outside the box of your current job, your current situation. You are liberated from desperation so your mind roams freely looking for your precious purpose.

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