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By Merjeed Moto- NRM activist
The world is in shambles. No normal activities are taking place as usual. The current pandemic has caused panic around the world. It is threatening human existence. With no country and continent being discriminated. The virus may indeed bring humans to extinction if no quick breakthrough in vaccine and medicine is made.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID 19) is currently making headlines a cross the world. The disease is known to cause severe respiratory complications. Interference with the normal respiratory processes makes victims to have difficulties in breathing upon contracting the virus. It is one of the most dangerous virus the world has ever dealt with. The ability of the virus to rapidly spread, has affected alot of people. The virus has interfered with every sector of the economy in the whole world. Nothing can take place as normal since many countries has taken strict measures such as lockdown to try protect it’s people.

Human beings have done a bunch of bad things on planet earth and they still continue to do them either openly or secretly. But there is nothing we mortals can hide from Almighty God. He sees us and knows what our ill plans are before we execute them. God is not happy with us,let us repent and stop doing evil things.
Since all Congregational prayers and other gatherings have been suspended, let’s join hands together wherever we are and pray without associating the Creator of the universe with anything.

Almighty God, we have angered You, we bow down our heads before You. We ask You to forgive us. We ask You to lead us where the hidden vaccine or cure for Covid-19 is because no human beings can find it without Your approval.

In Your Mighty names we pray!


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