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Kadaga- and Janet Museveni whom she had a fight with over the education Carriculum recently

By Faith Sanyu

With mounting pressure piling on the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, NTV news anchor Farida Nakazibwe added to the Kamuli Woman MP’s woes by pulling her into another war when she insulted her by refering to her as a used condom.

” And don’t come to us crying after you have been used and dumped like ” ngabo condom,” Nakazibwe wrote on her tweeter account two days ago.

This was in response to the growing public concern after Parliament which was presided over by Kadaga, allocated 10bn shillings for each MP to get 20 millions for the mobilisation of their constituents in the fight against Coronavirus.

Despite some calls from the public who found the words of the celebrated scribe unpalatable, seeking an apology from her, the soft spoken Tuwaye morning show didn’t give a damn.

While as Nakazibwe appears very determined to go was into full combat with the woman from Kamuli, Kadaga boasts of a rich CV when it comes to fighting such battles. She has previously fought with some high ranking officials and winning with knock out with no loss or draw in the process, with the most recent victim being Lands Minister Persis Namuganza in the battle for political supremacy in Busoga.

With both sides appearing to be determined not to bark down, waiting to find out who takes the day becomes an exciting adventure.

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