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Martha Leah Nangalama, Moncton, Canada

Sunday, March 22, 2020

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God works in mysterious ways and He does so very fantabulously.

After 30 decades of Ugandans kneeling, crying and praying daily and consulting even their witch doctors, this year 2020 (Dwendi duendi), God decides that He has heard enough crying and decides to solve the problem.

However, before God grants a miracle, He sends the Angel Gabriel to appear in the dreams of all the opposition leaders and even the current ruling leader…ask each of them what they want.

The Angel Gabriel obeys the words of our Father and comes into your dreams.

1) NRM – I have heard the crying of my children. What is it that you wish I do?

NRM replies: “Vanquish my enemies. Make them sick. Make them poor. Deny them all ways of earning a living. Take away their land. Curse them with pests and plagues. Deny them gathering. Deny them education. Deny them medicine. Deny them good roads so they do not go selling their produce anywhere. Flood their roads. Break their bridges. Make the Nile flow over. Pollute Lake Victoria. Take away their so-called right to escape Uganda to go seek anything that could benefit them. I beg you, deny everything possible. My enemies’ businesses must fail. Foil the banks. Devalue the currency. Slap taxes on them. Give me all the guns. I will deny my enemies any means of survival. This is my land. I am the EMPEROR. Thank you my Lord”.

2) FDC – I have seen your arrests and watched videos of your crying. What may I do for you?

FDC replies: “It is our turn. We are us and loved. We will get into that State House and become the next regime of dictator. Hallelujah praise God.” Amen

Angel Gabriel replies: “If you are done, could I move onto the next leader?”

FDC replies: “Which leader? What do you mean by that? There are only 2 leaders. The one ahead of us and then us. No one else exists. What do you mean that you are going onto the next leader? Did God send you to say such things to us? Have you lost your mind? Did the Space ship crash and you got a concussion? This visit of you from whatever you ma call dem heaven rubbish biki biki, go back. No one else exists. It is them dera vs us hia. Here on this planet, it is either NRM or FDC. Capiche? Okitegedde? Totumanyila mbu there is them others behind us. Who are dei evn?”


The Angel Gabriel sends an SMS to God da fada in up dera. “My dearest father, things are not good here. I have talked to only two leaders and there is no hope. I think we should stop listening to their supplications”.

Upon which The Father says to Angel Gabriel “It is only fair to talk to the others. Go and see what they have to say. You cannot give speech to one and not the other”.

3) PEOPLE POWER – We are young. We are free. We know. We deal. We are Gen Z. We want People Power. #MuseveniMustGo! People Power. Tuliyambale Engule tuliyambala engule..

Upon which the Angel Gabriel says “People Power, what is it that you are doing to get your wishes granted”?

This is where things got a bit off the rails. PP: “We wear red. We have berrets. #MuseveniMustGo. We want jobs. After #MuseveniMustGo, we will create jobs. For the 10mln or so unemployed among us. No more gheto life. #MuseveniMustGo. Did you see our live FB video? What about our Instagram? We rock yeah.. Yeahhhhhh. We are good. Check us out on Twitter. ,,,”

Angel Gabriel rolls His eyes up and moves onto the last one.

4) ANT – Our motto is “Country before self”. We believe that we can work with every other leader to effect change which Ugandans have been praying for, the change they need, the change that will be good for the whole country. Change across political divide. Change across economical divide. Change across tribes. Change across languages. Change across gender divide. Change Ugandans need which can guarantee equal rights, human rights and justice for all citizens and residents of Uganda. We would like to wish that God gives us Peace. Faith. Hope. Charity. Hearts that bleed in the face of poverty and suffering. Brains that can think outside the box. Spirits that sour when our prayers get answered. Memory that reminds of who we are, where we came from, where we are now so that we write down for the future. If God could hear our prayers, we will be grateful.

The Angel Gabriel returns to Heaven and says:

We will send a petulence that will make many countries very sick. This way, rich or poor will know what it feels like to be sick.

We will seal off borders and cut off travel. This will make the snobs know what it feels to not fly at a whim. This will also cut off medical tourism so that the gluttons can fix the hospitals in their countries.

We will ensure that fascist regimes put in security protocals to prevent spreading the virus. In doing this, all will know what limited movement feels like. All will know how it feels to be followed around by people armed to the teeth.

We will ensure that all schools get closed. Rich or Poor, all will taste what it feels like not to have a child in school.

We will shut down businesses so that the business owners and those employed taste what it feels like to go without a paycheque.

We will flood the hospitals with many patients and overwhelm the system so that all get to know what it feels like not to be medically attended to.

==== I WILL ADD MORE ====

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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