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By Kevin Patrice

Comedian Dr T Amale, real names Tobby Kafeero, of Bizonto Comedy group has finally apologized to singer-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of the People Power pressure group.

Weeks ago, Dr T Amale verbally attacked the pressure group and its leader Bobi Wine, angering his fans and supporters, who in turn cursed the comedian fast-rising comedy group.

But members of the outfit then issued a 21-day ultimatum telling the short Dr T Amale to either apologize to Bobi, People Power and its supporters, or risk expulsion from the group.

Other Bizonto members also clarified they had no affiliation to any political party or pressure group, but were only interested in cracking Ugandans’ ribs.

Now, in a seven-minute video, Dr T Amale has apologized to Bobi Wine and his supporters, saying he “did not intend to annoy or hurt anyone” but has since realized that “I made a big mistake.”

“I apologize to People Power supporters and Bobi Wine fans wherever you are; please don’t ditch me, don’t stop supporting Bizonto,” he begged, before saying he had stopped supporting Bobi’s opponents. He then pulled out a yellow beret, images of opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye and former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, labelling the yellow cap ‘Satan’, Besigye ‘the snares of the devil’ and ‘Mbabazi ‘the works of satan.’

Putting on People Power’s red beret, Dr T Amale renewed his vow to “support People Power and Bobi Wine until my death.”

Admitting that his friends had pressurized him to apologize to Bobi or face extinction from the comedy industry, T Amale then went on his knees before Bobi’s photo, and praised him as though he was God or Jesus, before asking for forgiveness from the politician and his supporters.

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