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It is morning now as I type this post. Good morning all of you out there.

My name is Vvube Ronald Nsereko Mutimba. Neddira Mmamba era ndi Mukulu mu kika.

I write this as a humble loyal and subordinate Muganda, but one reasonable enough to be accomodative.

I write out to whoever can reach out to Mr. Charles Peter Mayiiga the Katikiro of Buganda, and whoever can forward it to him.

With all due respect Mr. Katikiro sir, you do NOT have to comment on everything, you can NOT respond to everything and everyone and You MUST desist from that character as our Katikiro.
Responding to everything makes you look too little at times (for lack of better English words), we are out to task to clean all that every other day, you sound tribal all the time(like in the Gashumba exchange) and we hate it. We are already married to many banyarwanda and non Baganda for starters, and the Buganda you work for had surpassed tribalism and its useless pettiness way a centuury and half ago. Apollo kaggwa was a Musoga and worked so well as a Katikiro in 1900, Daudi Ochieng was a non Muganda yet very instrumental.

We appreciate matters of accountability are too shaking and morally demanding, but must not be the only reason you should go so native while attacking those who demand for it. Telling Baganda who to vote isn’t your duty, and your thoughts about everything from Bobi wine not being a good choice to construction of shrines than say hospitals and schools, must not define you. You can’t be ..So Good at everything. Stop being a bully. When people started to advise you in camera and refused to listen thinking you knew it all, was the start of all this mess. You know how Kabushenga is good and why Besigye is bad, how repairing Masiro is so good, better than hospitals, you know how good it is not to tell us how much money was collected, but how good it is to continue buying certificates and other non accounted for monies, you know why we must respect so and so and why not them to respect us.
Ssebo when shall we tell you how we too are mature enough to know something ourselves or to be respected too!

I remember how I lost my first job in 2008 for openly fighting to defend my identity and Buganda to a non Baganda administration in Mukono, how I lost my job in 2010 for the same and how in 2013, I laboured to defend the Kabaka’s choice of you, to even non Baganda, but doubt I could do the same now.

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