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By Kevin Patrice

Following the Presidential declaration that prevents politicians and other individuals from supplying relief assistance to the people directly, the public had tried to observe it which could be due to the threat that flouting it would attracts harsh charge of attempted murder according to President Museveni.

Since the order was passed about two weeks ago, all politicians from both opposition and the ruling NRM party had suspended any such operations untill the Mityana Municipality MP Zaake shockingly posted himself on Facebook, posing with loads of 2kg Plastic bags of rice to be distributed to his voters whom he claimed were starving.

According to government’s reason for the ban on uncordinated relief distribution, it was causing converging of the people which caused a soft spot in the spread of the contagious disease.

On seeing the pictures posted publicly, the military swung into action and picked the youthful Bobi wine trusted deputy from his Mityana home and whisked away to an unknown location.

Unconfirmed reports from within his people power Movement have intimated to this news website that their man had been subjected to unimaginable torture at the hands of the Country’s ruthless security forces.

” We have just known where he is detained but no one is allowed to meet him. Not even family. We have also learn that he was badly tortured by the military, ” said a visibly disappointed people power insider.

What raises questions however is what could have tempted the legislator to do such a suicidal act especially when he clearly knew that the president wouldn’t be going easy on him after giving a Stern warning over the same matter. It’s now very evident that despite the fact that he will be charged with attempted murder, Zaake will not be coming to court at least untill the end of the current lock down.

Some observers have however suggested that the young politician might have wanted to invoit Museveni’s wraths upon himself so as to buy his popularity after realizing that Museveni wasn’t going to buy into the idea of extending the current tenure of parliament to the two years which most Members were demanding, which would have given them some breathing space to reorganize. As such, a few flogging by the military wasn’t a bad option as compared to losing his second term in Parliament.

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