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Rtd Col Kizza Besigye

The forum For Democratic Change party, led by Party Presidentail Patrick Amuriat Oboi have presented their proposals on the Constitutional amendment before the Parliament’s legal and Parliamentary affairs Commission today.

Amuriat, who was accompanied by Leader of opposition, Rt. Hon. Betty Aol Acan,and former leader of opposition Philip Wagula Ogutu, showed support for the bill that was presented by the shadow Attorney General.Wifried Nuwagaba I the 2019 constitutional amendment bills which among other things wants the office of the prime minister and the Residential District commissioners scrapped.

He also wants the office of Vice President removed and replaced with a democratically elected Deputy President by universal suffrage.

The Nuwagaba bill also seeks for a Provision for the involvement of the Judiciary in appointment of Electoral Commission, Attorney General and Deputy.

It also wants the appointment of Ministers from among members of Parliament repealed and the number of ministers appointed by the president restricted to only 21 who must be ex-officials and also the removal of the army representation in Parliament, reinstating the presidential term limits to two.

While as the Party agrees with most of the provisions in the proposed Constitutional (amendment) bill 2019, they made a number of supplements that include;

Establishment of an Independent Selection Panel that will be responsible for appointment of heads of Commissions like Electoral Commission, IGP, Commissioner of Prisons and other State Agencies.

Provide for change of name from “Leader of Opposition” to “Leader of Minority or Majority” depending on which side (Opposition or government) has a highest numerical strength in Parliament and his or her Deputy.

Inclusion of Presidential Contestants that garner at least 10% threshold of votes during general elections as ex-official Members of Parliament.

Provide for the establishment of a National Salaries and remuneration Commission.

Provide for appointment of Inspector General of Police and Deputy.

Provide for appointment of Commissioner and deputy commissioner of Prisons

Provide for filing of a Presidential election petition within 30 days after polling day among others.

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