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It is our norm to find the best and tell a story about it for your information, choice, and decision. Just very recently while on our visit to the new Hoima city, we make a brand visit to GET IN RESTAURANT for our lunch without any previous knowledge of it save for the referral from a business partner. I can tell you, there is a big story about this restaurant.

In the year 2020, a new city was born in Uganda. Following the discovery of rich reserves of oil and gas in the Albertine graben, and this is Hoima City. Located in the western region of Uganda, the city is the main municipal, administrative and commercial center of the Hoima district.

It is a young but fast-growing town with oil activities beginning to set the pace and shape of business. Prior to the story of oil development, the city had largely been occupied by the native Banyoro plus a few other cultures that had been known to be settlers of Bunyoro. These include the Alur, Bakiga, Lugbar among others. Today the city is receiving people from all walks of life, something that is posing new challenges and opportunities.

The hospitality industry is no doubt developing but only unique and exceptional brands like GET IN RESTAURANT will definitely stand out. The industry had been slow until recently when the city has seen the development of 3-star hotels to cater to high-end visitors. Before that, it had been the simple guesthouses that sometimes carried the tag, “hotel.”

As it is today, on realizing the need for better services, change in visitor dynamics, and needs of the people, the refined GET IN RESTAURANT was just in time.

Located in the heart of the city, GET IN RESTAURANT serves both local and continental dishes just at the choice of the customer.

With an unrivaled standard of customer service in perspective to many city restaurants, the staff at GET IN exhibit great knowledge of customer service and the industry. You have ample time and space to make your order and have it processed within record time. Many of the professionals we rubbed shoulders with during our stay in the city recommended the restaurant.

Because of the above experience, we opted to get accommodation services at a 3-star hotel but always had our meals at Get In. You will want to appreciate the cost-cutting in terms of money saved on meals on our 5 days stay in this city!

“Our food is warm and ready for you all the time, thanks to the local technology of innovators that sustains the fire to keep our food hot,” said the chef.

We know that any restaurant is meant to serve your needs of fast service, satisfaction, and value. For that reason, we are located just along Persey Road, behind Hoima public school where the steps you take into our dining room after securing your parking are only countable. And, you should always be assured of ample parking, according to the reception staff of GET IN RESTAURANT.

Are you planning a business, family, or leisure visit to the new strategic Oil City? This collection should reduce your stress of having to drive around looking for the best places while straining your good health in these covid-19 times. Book your next buffet through 0200900320/256392565751 to experience the best customer experience and hospitality in Hoima, the Oil City.

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