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By Mariam Mutooro

Senior Priest of Zoe Ministries Prophet Elvis Mbonye has come up with a shocking revealtion that God had warnwd him about the current Coronavirus disease long before it actually manifested in China.

In a video released on the man of God’s social media platforms which has since gone viral in Uganda, Mbonye narrates that this was one of the many prophesies that he had received in the previous year and when he sat down to seive through what to pronounce and what to leave, he chose to keep quiet about this one in particular.

“One of the prophesies that I got was this that we are facing now. I got that there would come a virus from China that would affect people, ” explained the man of God.

On why he decided to sit on this important message from God, Mbonye says he was sceptical for he was not sure of how his flock would take the message, adding that he felt that the recipients of the message would discard it, reasoning that there were very many other viruses in China.

“When I got the prophesy and I thought about it, I thought to myself, won’t followers think that there are many more viruses and ignore it? ” Said the man of God.

On 15th March this year, the contraversial cleric is on record to have delivered a message of hope to his flock when he said that Jesus had assured him that the country would not be attacked with the disease which had already manifested in the neighboring countries.

” I had a conversation with Jesus over the weekend and he assured me that we are safe because he covered us with his blood.” He said amid cheers from his jubilant followers.
To the surprise of many however, the country’s Health Minister Jane Ruth Acheng broke the news of the first confrontation of the dreaded disease in the country.

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