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Woke up a little earlier than my usual time of 4 AM, troubled by what some media houses, internet health and wellness experts, and conspiracy theorists now turned prophets had to say about your tragic demise for ego’s sake!
I couldn’t do a thing despite having so much on my list. Sat, still, lights on and frozen. Had to prepare for myself some Bushera, perhaps, “it’s just a cold morning” I thought. Took a cup, and another, and then my jug was done… Still, not inspired to do a thing. I just can’t seem to comprehend the pragmatism of the people of my kind.
You’ve been a great son of our land and will always be.
Your life from childhood, up, gives me hope that someday, I, too will leave a worthwhile legacy in this world.
Rest in perfect peace Baba.
See you then.

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