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Are you in a situation where you are not sure about what to pursue as a career, or business, or as life purpose?

When you are young and still starting in your career, it can be confusing to choose a life path. Sometimes you already have a job but you feel like switching to something else, something new in the line with your purpose.

I have been thinking about people with dreams and aspirations and the challenges and confusion they face as they seek clarity of purpose. In my research, I discovered a formula that you can use to discover your purpose, your niche, your sweet spot, or whatever that thing, that you are supposed to be doing with your life.

Before I show you the formula, you should keep in mind that a human being is not created for only one thing, but rather there are pools of things you can do with your life. The goal is to discover those things and chose from them and then design the life you want around those things.

I discovered a Japanese concept called IKIGAI which means “reason to live.”

With this concept, you draw four overlapping circles like the one in the picture below.

In the first circle, write down the things you love to do. These include your passions, your hobbies, your curiosity. Things that make you happy, light you up and you greatly enjoy doing.  Jot down as many as possible.

In the second circle, write down things you are good at. These can be your skills, your talents, things you have learned from schools. Things you can perform on stage. Write everything you are capable of doing in this circle.

In the third circle, write things you think the world needs. It might be things you see missing or things you see that are in short supply in the world. Problems you can solve for the world and the perspective you wish to see in the world. Write them all in this circle.

In the fourth circle, write down things people can pay for. What services can you offer for the money? What products can you offer them money? What solutions are people willing to pay for? Write them down.

Finally, after writing all these down, you already have clues on what you love to do, what you can do, what they need, and what they can pay for. It is time to get creative by bringing together things that exist in all four cycles and merge them in a way that is unique to your preference. Once you complete this exercise, you will have your sweet spot, your purpose, your niche. You will know

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