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Many people tend to take matters into their own hands when it comes to dealing with debts in Uganda, and yet this is always detrimental to the complainant.

Uganda’s legal systems have well-established ways in place, through which, one can reclaim their funds from a bad debtor.

According to the Electronic Legal Assistance Center, “It is a civil claim whose subject matter doesn’t exceed ten(10) million Uganda shillings.

Now, once you have such a dispute, it must be reported to local court authorities in whose jurisdiction the civil matter wholly or in part occurred.

The Chief Magistrates courts in your area are always at your service to serve your small claims case.

Once you have resolved to take that matter to court, you will have to follow the procedure below, to institute your claim:

1. Contact your debtor and talk about the possibility of settling the matter in a friendly manner.

2. If they are not cooperating, write an elaborative letter of demand that gives an ultimatum of 14 days and keep a copy.

3. Once they keep adamant, go on and institute a small claim form to a Court Process Clerk.

After instituting the court claim, the clerk will guide you in regard with the court procedure, and the next steps to take, in order to legally reclaim your money.


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