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By Abu Mitala

” My brother, I contested with you and you won. I conceded defeat and even promised to peacefully work with you. Why then have you looked on as your ruthless supporters torment me? Why don’t you come out and reign on them? ”

The above was the tear-draining words from the outgoing NRM second Vice Chairperson for Northern Uganda Sam Engola during the launch of Museveni’s campaign team in Lira City on Monday 14.

Engola, who started by congratulating his rival Oulanya who just last month blocked him from retaining his seat at the coveted NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) nearly broke down into tears as he lamented the harsh treatment he was being subjected to by a team of mobilizers who had led Oulanya’s winning team last month.

The wealthy politician from Lira wondered why Oulanya’s group had continued trolling him even when he has tried his level best to bridge the gap, insulting and demonizing him in the process.

Oulanya addressing the Coordinators in Lira on September 14

He further revealed that he had even invited to a very eloquent politician from Gulu to a tea chat where they resolved to make peace and work together for the good of their region but was surprised not even this act of goodwill was absorbed by the errant supporters.

When it was Oulanya’s time to speak, the Deputy Speaker hailed his counterpart for his belief in democracy and asserted that with the two working together, the region is destined for greatness.

As for those who had made it a hobby to propagate friction over an election that was concluded already Oulanya faulted them and insisted they needed to be called to order.

He wondered how one would spend their time gossiping and spreading hostilities over a matter that did not concern them.

” Unfortunately my brother, this is not about you and me. We have remained friends and we have even been eating together. Why then do such evil people get the motive to fight and even want to kill each other?

He singled out RDCs in the region for being the chief architects of the harmful friction and called for order from them since their actions didn’t help Lango in any way.

The highlight of the day however came when the humourous Oulanya sarcastically asked the man who humiliated at the polls just less than a month ago why he had refused to heed his advice to step down from the race which would have saved him all the humiliation, drawing wild laughter from the audience.

” The problem is however yours my brother. Why did you insist on standing with me in a race you knew very well you would lose? Now see what you have got yourself into?” Oulanya joked.

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