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Mr Balaam Burugahare and Tamale Mirundi

By Andrew Baba Buluba

Museveni chief fisherman Balaam Burugahare might have had his best days executing his duties of luring various regime critics into the ruling party but it’s most likely to be different this time round with his attempt at Mirundi’s son Tamale junior proving a hard but to crack.

Mirundi made the threat during his inaugural appearance at the Bunga based STV on Tuesday which he joined with his former host at NBs Hajji Bashiri Kazibwe who had also announced quiting the Kamwokya outfits just the previous day.

According to Mr Tamale Mirundi, the highly connected events promoter has already tried to make contact with the young Tamale who just over a fortnight ago was unveiled by the Kamwokya based outfits as an important member of their 2021 mobilisation team. It’s been revealed that Balaam had offered 20 million shillings for Tamale junior as the price for him to denounce the Kamwokya family for a lucrative mega offer at Kyadondo.

The determined 23 old however stuck to his guns and instead narrated the encounter to his contravasial hardliner dad who couldn’t stomach it owing to the humiliation he has been subjected to while serving the regime in power overthe years.

Mirundi’s son Tamele Mirundi junior

The former Presidential press advisor warned Mr Balaam to steer away from his family or else prepare for the worst.

The visibly charged Mirundi advised the Museveni fixer to try his exploits elsewhere unlike in the rich Mirundi family where values count more than money.

Balaam is reported to have fished Ashburg Kato from People Power to NRM

” I will crush his balls if he doesn’t go slow on my son. He is in people power and he is not the one who sent him there. He thinks 20 million is a lot of money for the Mirundi family who have seen all sorts of money? He is joking. It won’t happen.” Mirundi boasted.

Mirundi who also disclosed that his wife to had joined Democratic party went ahead to explain why he wouldn’t them to join NRM by saying he was worried it would attract deadly confrontations from their current sides who could accuse him of planting them into their ranks to spy on them.

” Balaam wants these people to burn my houses while accusing me of plotting against them by sending my family to spy for the government.I won’t let it happened. I will die with him if he dares

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