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Busoga tourism Minister Namutamba(centre)

By Kevin Patrice

Under fire Busoga Kingdom Minister Owek’ Hellen Namutamba reportedly fainted in a police cell Thursday 13 at Kira police station where she has been held since Wednesday on charges of offensive Communication and cyber crimes.

The Minister reportedly first complained of a fever and the officer at the quota gaurd met when she had vomited inside the cells by the time they came in to attend to her. This necessitated a medical checkup which was conducted and established that she was indeed doing well and sent back into confinement after suspects in the same cell reportedly informed authorities that Namutamba had indeed induced the vomiting.

Moments later however, other inmates called for help after she had reportedly fainted who behind bars. She was taken to a certain Hospital in Kyaliwajjala where she received medical treatment under the strict watch of the officers from Kira police station.

She was released hours later after medical diagnosis pointed towards no major health concerns and duelly rushed back to police custody where she spent the second night detained.

Inside sources however intimated to this website that Namutamba had feigned sickness while in custody purposely to invoke public sympathy and possibly escape culpability which officers at the station castigated as unworthy of a full Minister of a major Kingdom like Busoga.

“There was no signs that she is genuinely sick. She just tensed and scared. Maybe it’s her first time in detention. Obviously she was feigning sickness which is so unfortunate coming from a full Kingdom Minister, ” observed an insider who preferred anonymity.

Namutamba, who had been destined to stay in confinement untill Monday 18 when she would be arrained before Court might have hit a jackpot with her alleged trickery for which we have reliably learnt that she might earn her release on bond today Friday 15.

Namutamba was detained after being pinned by a one Brian Kinene in a cyber criminal attack on MP Anitah Amongi who has resistantly insisted that she gets justice from courts of law hence piling more misery upon the King’s woman.

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