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General Muhoozi Kainerugaba

By Kevin Patrice

General Muhoozi has completely metamorphosed from his former self who was more of a military servant than a public figure. Even though he is the first son,who would naturally enjoy all the fanfare that Comes with being an important component of the most previlaged family ofthe land, he has been the opposite. Very few appearances in the public life and rarely commenting on political issues unless it has some military significance attached.

In the heat of the popular allegations linking him to the queue of succeeding his father in 2014, Muhoozi had told the press that he did not harbour any political ambitions and disowned the people talking about it as “merely excited groups” that didn’t represent his mind.

His recent presentations on social media platforms, majorly tweeter and Facebook shows that there is something worthy any sensible Ugandan’s critical interpretation.


Late last year, the former Land force Commander had tweeted that the army would not let any person play with the peace that the regime had fought for to be disrupted. For any reason,why would the first son utter such a statement at a time when succession debate is gaining prominance as age catches up with his father General Yoweri Museveni, who has actually occupied the presidence over 3 decades. It would only be wisdom to suggest that he was heralding this who are looking up to him to succeed General Museveni that he is actually in control and also to his challengers of the future that he had the army on his side hence whoever dares him should be able to weigh the risk involved.

In expressing willingness to hold talks with People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu early this month, General Muhoozi seemed to be communicating that his reign would be an era where not all of the Country’s problem would be solved by the “blood and iron” tool predominantly used by his father to silence dissenting voices against his regime. He was trying to position himself as an empror of dialogue, showing that the present political environment requires round table talks than political quarells.

He could also have wanted to pinch Bobi Wine by appearing friendly and conventional by offering a brotherly gesture to him and induce a brutal reaction from the Presidential hopeful so as to expose the diplomatic flaws in him.” An big section of my supporters have been asking me to meet and talk to my brother Bobi Wine. I have no problem talking with him. We have met and spoken before because he was my friend,” General Muhoozi tweeted early this month.

On this, he go his target to the bait. Just as expected, Kyagulanyi responded with bitterness, accusing Muhoozi along with his father of so many crimes including murder , tyranny and abuse of human rights. His silence even after it looked as though he had been demeaned by Mr Ssentamu showed he was already satsified by the outcome.

In the same tweet,Muhoozi uses the words “My supporters” authoritatively as if he is trying to own up the group he had some years ago tried to distance from. Muhoozi has supporters in the actual sense and it’s a public secret that these are the people who desperately want to see him at the wheel currently occupied by his father. In saying this, Muhoozi was indirectly communicating to the group his acceptance of the challenge and trust he had been given by his supporters.

On the 17 March this year, on the third anniversary since police chief Andrew Felix Kaweesi was murdered, Lt Gen Muhoozi,through his tweeter post vowed to bring to book the killers of the fallen AIGP Kaweesi when he said ” we shall avenge your death no matter how long it takes,”. He also reminded the killers wherever they are that the UPDF and Uganda Police Force never forgets those that attack them. Three years after Kaweesi’s death, with no report on who the killers were and their intent, could General Muhoozi have been heralding the raise of good times ahead?

By his recent public activities,the Presidential adviser seems to be encouraging the youths who seem to be discontented about the incumbent’s protracted reign that there is a new day coming and thus should let the old man from Rwakitura enjoy his last days at the helm peacefully as he prepares to give way for the new generation.

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