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By Kevin Patrice

Former coordinator of intelligence services Gen David Sejusa has blasted those laughing at faded singer Jennifer Nakanguubi popularly known as Full Figure, the presidential advisor on youth and artists’ affairs for speaking ‘broken English’ during her TV interviews.

During her Urban TV Full Blast show, Full Figure exposed her trouble with English when she mispronounced the word ‘ideology’ and refused to be corrected, insisting it was ‘indaologye’.

“Those who leave Bobi Wine to support Museveni don’t do it because of money or biology, but because of ‘indaologye. We support President Museveni because of ‘indaologye’ but not because of biology,” Full Figure said during the show.

A clip from the show was shared online and social media grammar Nazis started crucifying the controversial Museveni advisor who left Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine’s People Power and joined the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

One of those who criticized Full Figure was Daily Monitor contributor Ivan Okuda who captioned the 27-second clip, ‘Fresh out of the oven NRM new recruit on why they support Museveni. It’s not because of biology but… ”

But Gen Sejusa blasted Okuda for being ignorant of how political movements work yet he was posing as a member of the elite class.

“I would laugh if I didn’t know better! Maligning these young people for lack of education is a STRATEGIC mistake! Peasants have been the makers and breakers of political power, from Russia, China, Latin America, Africa, our own Luweero war, etc! If not MISUSED by leaders!” wrote Gen Sejusa who has since fallen out with NRM and President Museveni.

“Most successful revolutions in Third World were peasant-based. Maybe ‘illiterate,’ but a formidable force! So it’s criminal on the part of those seeking to emancipate (USE!) them not to equip them with basics! If not equipped, they become the scum of society! Lumpens!” He added.

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