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#CoronaVirus has lost Africa $29bn of it GDP (number of goods and services produced in a country) which is equivalent to Uganda’s GDP in 2019. Africa stand to lose half of it GDP in the next month. Off the top of my head here are a few interventions I think could help to keep money in people’s pockets and soften the impact of the impending economic crisis in Uganda.

1. #NationalWater&Sewerage Corporation halve/remove 75% sewerage charge.
2. Telcos reduce/eliminate MM fees for 30days on all transactions. #UgandaCommunicationsCommission could subsidize.
3. Banks reduce/eliminate transcation fees for 30 days with help of Bank of Uganda
4 #UmemeLtd remove fees on purchases
5. No fees to market vendors for their stalls for 30 days in consultation with #KCCA.
6. Remove OTT for 30 days

#Keep /- in our people’s pockets


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