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By Kevin Patrice

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has announced it will demolish all houses that were built on the shores of Lake Victoria, including mansions belonging to tycoon Hamis Kiggundu, popularly known as Ham, and Lubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral Church Senior Pastor Robert Kayanja in Kawuku.

While Ham had come out to deny that his house was not invaded by floods, recent rains and the rise in the water levels of Lake Victoria have led to the flooding of his huge home to the extent that he has now shifted to the upper floor.

On Friday, officials from KCCA Environment Management Unit visited the areas around the shores of Lake Victoria that have been adversely affected by the floods and warned that the Authority will demolish all structures that were illegally built there. Places visited included Ggaba Landing Site, Ddungu Beach which is under construction, and Mulungu Landing Site that sits on Kabaka’s land for which KCCA has advised Buganda Land Board to tell its tenants to vacate the place to save their lives.

“We are doing an assessment of the people and ventures affected by rising water levels. The problem is not the water but the people who encroached on the shores and built structures there. The National Environment Act 2019 is clear that no permanent structure should be built within 200 meters from the shore,” said KCCA Environment officer Peter Ssetenda.

Ssetenda also made it clear that “no owner of any structure that was built within 200 meters from the shore will be compensated.”

“We can’t compensate for illegal structures,” he said.

The KCCA official also revealed that Hamis Kiggundu had refused to listen to KCCA and his house, alongside that of Pastor Kayanja, is one of those that will be brought down once the Authority and the National Environmental Authority (NEMA) start clearing the lake shores of all illegal structures.

“Ham’s mansion looked magnificent and was built with a lot of money but it is now flooded, it is part of the lake. All these are illegal structures. As KCCA we shall start taking action, in collaboration with NEMA, to demolish them,” said Ssetenda.

“Ham’s house is now like a boat on a lake. We notified him that he was not supposed to build in that place because it is within 200 meters from the lakeshore. So, he knows that we shall demolish it.”

Tycoon Jam Kiggundu, Pr. Kayanja’s mansions at the shores of Lake Victoria to be demolished by KCCA
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