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Kenyans on Twitter(KOT) have welcomed President Yoweri Museveni’s view to quit bread and start eating cassava.

While addressing workers on Labor  day in Kampala regarding the hyper increase  in prices of domestic commodities amongst them bread, Museveni said: “If there is no bread or wheat, please eat muwogo. I don’t eat bread myself.”

Although the speech provoked many Ugandans as they compared to the infamous Marie Antoinette rant that: “If you can’t afford bread, try cakes”, most Kenyans on Twitter(KOT) welcomed it as a smart suggestion.

However, it is thought that Kenyans only opined so because Museveni had suggested a possible solution as opposed to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta who only whined saying that he wasn’t responsible for the war in Ukraine and consequentially the rise of commodity prices.

In 2021, Museveni had suggested that Ugandans should be frugal with food due to the raging Covid-19 lockdown that saw most town dwellers immense food shortage.

Museveni who used a kilogram of maize flour posho, demonstrated how Ugandans could save food saying that: “2.6kgs of posho, can take 10 days. The food should not be consumed wasteful.”

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