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By Naome Rugasira

Patients admitted in various health centres in Mukono district have a reason to heal faster after a generous farmer offered free milk to each of them. Lawrence Busuulwa, a large scale farmer based in Koome islands, made the offer of 3, 400litres this week.
The offer is intended for patients suffering from Aids and other diseases admitted at Namirembe hospital in Mukono town and all health centre 3s which are based at sub counties.
Speaking about the donation, Busuulwa said he did it because the Bible urges people to give to the needy. He also said it was in support of President Yoweri Museveni and for patriotism.
“The spirit of giving is based in the Bible. I am also a strong supporter of President Museveni who had fully embraced his gospel of wealth creation. I am sharing the benefits with those who need them,” Busuulwa explained his gesture. He is one of the 135 model farmers under the Office of the National Chairman (ONC), NRM, based in various districts countrywide.
The offer worth Shs70million will last 17 days with 200litres being distributed daily.
Busuulwa’s farm hosts 6, 000 cows and 4, 000 goats with breeds from Rwanda, France and Kenya, among others. He is the supplier of milk in Mukono, Seeta and Kireka.
In acknowledgement of his gesture, Milly Babalanda, the personal assistant to the NRM national chairman and senior presidential advisor (political affairs) thanked Busuulwa for his good heart, hard work and exemplariness.
“You have set a very good example which I urge others to emulate. The rest should do something similar in their districts. Milk is not from Western Uganda only. Anyone who takes the advice of President Museveni on best farming practices can reap big and become a blessing to many like Busuulwa has done,” an elated Babalanda said.

The model farmers under ONC earn over Shs50million from their farms annually without government support. Babalanda counseled that there was no need to rush into politics when one can set up their own enterprises and earn without the pressure of conflicting interests and diversions.
Afande Fred Yiga, the chairman of the Covid-19 relief management committee in Mukono district thanked ONC for initiative of promoting model farmers and giving to the needy. He asked other parties to contribute to relief efforts to patients with various ailments. Yiga is a retired former police officer at the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police and head of Interpol.
Esther Baroma, a coordinator of ONC in Mukono, will lead the distribution of the milk to patients.

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