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By Mariam Mutooro

Oman-based Ugandan social media entertainer/ comedian Brisher Kash has had her fans thrown into frenzied celebrations after she announced her two years of immense suffering in Oman have finally come to an end.

She made the announcement on her social media platforms last week where she revealed that her ticked had already been booked with the flight scheduled this week.

“Hope Your All Good Bamikwano,
thanks a lot for the prayers! Yes, I have really been passing through a hard time, I have worked through a lot of pain but no salary because even the three months that I was expecting to be paid for, I have already lost the hope of getting it. But at least I am pretty sure that next week I am going back home Inshallah because my ticket is already out. Glory be to God!,” She wrote.

The young comedian left the country in 2017 to search for a better future and also support her siblings’ education after she had opted out herself due to financial constraints as her parents were not ones with the means to keep her in school.

Throughout her stay in Oman, Brisher took on the duty of restoring hope among her fellow domestic workers in the Arab countries who were facing difficult times at their places of work.

Through comedy and inspirational story narrations, she helped other Ugandans who victims of the harsh working conditions from their Arab employers to have some mental relief and hope for another day.

She, in the process, gained herself gained her self a name among social media lovers in the diaspora and back home, growing a miraculous following on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Her contract in Oman came to end early this year and she was meant to fly back home before the Coronavirus-induced ban on international travel was announced, meaning she would be forced to stay longer.

In May, she reported massive mistreatment from her employers who had taken about 7 months without paying her and had already insisted they would send her the money when she is in Uganda.

This means that by the time the lockdown was announced, her relationship with her masters was not at it’s best at all which sounded warning bells for the worst.

As predicted, the younger hassler has had to spend an additional nine months of work without pay though she insists that her life is more important than the money lost.

Her imminent return will be a great relief to her multitudes of worry-stricken followers who have understandably been on their knees in prayer for the entire crisis period Brisher has undergone.

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