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NUP’s Election management committee Chief Mercy Walukamba

By Henry Wanume

The contraversy surrounding NUP’s decision to ditch party Principal’s long time ally Joseph Mayanja for Kawempe South MP Latif Ssebagala Ssengendo in the race for flag for tje Lord Mayorship seems will not be ending soon.

The Kamwokya outfit have come under fire with the public variously accusing them of sidelining Chamileon on unfair conditions, eith others citing the legendary singer’s subscription to the Catholic faith as one of the reasons for failing to appeal to the technocrats at Kamwokya.

Mercy Walukamba, the Chairperson for the NUP’s Election management committee has however come out to trash the claims that the prospective Lord Mayor was rejected due to his religious belonging to the Catholic Church as baseless and nonsensical.

“No question or religious criteria was used in vetting and those spreading such lies are malicious and want to tarnish the party,” she said.

Bobi Wine and Chamileon

She explained the vetying criterior where she said the party selects five commissioners to vet the candidates and asks them ten questions which rack up fifty marks. Another team still of five is sent out to the field to vet the candidate’s strength on the ground. This latter exercise also contributes fifty marks to the vetted candidate.

Walukamba urged all those who support change not to look for positions but to keep their eyes on the change to move Ugandans from current situation.

In a strange turn of events, Latif Ssebagala returned the party card to back Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago citing need to maintain a strong Opposition. This came days after the Kawempe North MP had been anointed by NUP to contest for the Kampala Lord Mayorship on its ticket.

Ssebagala who opted out of the race days after being endorsed by NUP

Walukamba told journalists that on learning this, NUP made a call to those interested in taking up the party’s Kampala Mayoral ticket to present their credentials.

“We made notice to all those interested in the Kampala Lord Mayor position because the person we had given the card quit and the spot fell vacant.”

On being asked why they didn’t simply consider candidate number two, she said: “the laws which govern the party stipulate that all participants are recalled in case candidate one pulls out.” ” Mayanja still has the opportunity if he matched the requirements and if we give him the card,” she said.

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