Martha Leah Nangalama, Moncton, Canada

Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Dear HE. President Yoweri Museveni,

Papa, mulembe. Mulembe Naabi. I greet you with maximum respect because you are a great leader.

Ne papa, why do you never write back? You should write back. I have a lot to tell you about #BududaLandSlides. However, today, I only have one suggestion.

With Easter happening this weekend, I was thinking that you should send a kilo of meat to every house your team is giving posho and bean weevils to.

You see, you have done a great job of feeding us on posho and beans daily since you declared the lockdown and banned public transportation.

However, exactly how long do you expect us to eat posho and beans? In the first place, you did not give us Kimbo or cooking oil. You did not even give us ebinzali!!! What about the onions and tungulismo? You could also just give us Cow Boy (the other cooking oil) or Muzigo.

Now, for this weekend of Easter, do you remember that many Ugandans eat meat only on Xmas, News Day and Easter? I was thinking that since Uganda can no longer export their cows to those abroad countries, we should slaughter some live stock and give every family in Uganda a kilo of meat.

Never mind how big their families are. They will chop the kilo of meat into tiny pieces and make a big saucepan of Subu Mudandafu and then put a tiny piece of meat into each plate for each family member. This is what we used to do in Bududa whenever we smuggled coffee to Kenya using panya routes to Chebukube. We would return with money for our families but were allowed to use some of our proceeds to buy Omugati, Butter (Blue Band) and a kilo of meat. We used to buy other things like salt, sugar, soap and biscuits from House of Manji.

For this Easter, let us get meat. Flour for Chapa Mandazi, Chapati and even throw in a Hotloaf bread if you find us deserving of hotloaf.

We also will need charcoal as you know by now that you cannot give us food without giving us fuel to cook the food. We would rather starve to death if you do not send us fuel to cook the free food.

While at it, please, remember that we need parafin for our tadoba. Some of us have electricity and for this one, please pay our Yaka with Umeme.

Bududa, Uganda
Moncton, Canada

*** I will add more later. However, those beans and posho, we are tired of them now. I think you should send us Rice and Irish and enkoko. Beggars can be choosers in case you did not know.