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Fear and tension gripped Member of Parliament as speak of the House asked Kilak Member of Parliament Anthony Akol to leave the house on Thursday over fears that he might have contracted the dangerously contagious virus.
Kadaga acted swiftly after the MP had expressly confirmed to have traveled to Korea and South Africa in the last few days but had been able to pass through airport checks without being screened for the virus. On hearing this, Kadaga, who was not going to take chances since it would put the lives of the rest of the members at risk asked the legislator to give way and subject himself to self confinement.

“You admitted on the Hansard that you travelled to these places. Please go and self-quarantine yourself,” Ms Kadaga said on Thursday.
The Speaker later tweeted: “I’ve ordered Kilak North County MP, Anthony Akol, to exit the plenary chambers, immediately. This followed his disclosure, while giving a point of info, that he had returned from South Korea on March 5, this year but had not been checked for the Corona virus.”

This comes amidst fears that the dreaded epidemic could soon hit the vulnerable population, with the Ministry of Health coming up with strict guidelines to the public to ensure the disease is contained should it get into the country.

Coronavirus has been spreading like wild bushfire with Italy becoming the most affected country after China.

The world Health Organization has since declared the scourge a Pandemic.

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