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By Mariam Mutooro
As the country gets ready for the final send off of one of the greatest clerics of all time, detailed shocking details of the deceased’s will have emerged.

The fallen Pastor willed to be buried next to his church with a TV screen airing programs on his dearly loved ABS TV plugged adjacent to his grave.

He also contraversially asked to be buried five days apart from his death.

Andrew Jengo, the deceased’s son and stand in pastor at the Revival Christian Church has given a detailed explanation of rare wish.

Andrew says that his late father wished to be burried near the church so that he could listen to the voices of his flock.

Jengo narrated how the deceased told him on his death bed that he would want to continue hearing the cries of his flock should anyone attack them.

“He said he wanted to be buried near enough, such that he can come to our rescue when we are under attack. He said that burying him far from us would make it hard for him to come and help us,” Pastor Jengo told the congregation at Kawaala.

The direction to be buried after five days according to Andrew was to allow the deceased enough time on earth to accomplish some unfinished business before he gets sent off eternally.

“Dad told me, and his lawyer only reiterated that we should bury him only after five days. So, we shall have to bury him on Sunday as he asked and that will be at this church,” Jjengo said.

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