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By Mariam Mutooro

NBS fans have come out in multitudes to demand an apology from the station and a reprimand for errant presenter Kay’s for treating guest Doreen Katureebe humiliatingly and disrespectfully.

The celebrated fashionista had been invited as a guest for a talk show along with celebrated cleric Martin Ssempa to discuss a wide range of things related to responsible parenting.

Throughout the show, however, both hosts Anatalia Ozie and Kay’s made the helpless model a target for shaming and destruction to the disappointment of the viewers.

At one time, a helpless Katureebe appeared to have lost her calm when Anatalia inquired to know how her parents and children felt each time they looked at her modeling photos on the internet, suggesting she was a wasted soul and a disgrace to society.

The climax of the bad night came when Kay’s branded her a sexually spoilt soul who had virtually slept with every celebrity in the country.

In defense, the guest politely defended herself that her job didn’t depict any relationship with her personality, insisting she is a virgin despite her over a decade in the modeling industry.

As much as Paster Ssempa – Katureebe’s co-host labored to defend her, Kay’s who appeared to have been sent on a mission to destroy her victim for the night continued throwing harmful and hateful assaults her way, insisting he has got enough evidence about the many men she has slept with and that there was no reason to pretend in public.

The actions of the hosts didn’t go well with most viewers many of whom have asked that the errant presenters be punished and a public apology issued by the station to both their viewers and the aggrieved host.

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