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Bobi Wine and former Presidential Candidate Maureen Kyalya

By Andrew Baba Buluba

Former Presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya Walube has advised Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine to mind his campaign message or risk dying before witnessing the change he so dreams about.

Kyalya said she is enraged by the hate campaign against President Museveni employed by the Kyadondo East lawmaker in a bid to woo the Ugandan voters, adding that this could be a spark for pre and post election violence in the country.

“I am not comfortable with this anti Museveni or anti any Ugandan or human being campaign that we the Ugandans have now been reduced to,” Kyalya wrote on her official website on Tuesday 14.

She went further by cautioning the People Power principal not to get over excited by his current popularity by remembering that other like Col Kizza Besigye have been popular before him. She advised him to exercise more caution by referring to Buganda’s past human loss since before the 1900 agreement where uncountable lives have been lost hence saving his tribesmen from the looming bloodbath.

Bobi Wine on a boda boda during a running battle with police last year in Kampala

“From where I stand, the pain and blood Buganda has lost right before the 1900 Buganda agreement forming Uganda is too unbearable to withstand a violent war and transition of power. I can feel the smell of blood of people who are going to die in these elections right from afar; people wise ribs are going to be broken; children who are going to be orphaned,” she said.

She also prophesied disaster for the youthful Presidential hopeful where she asserted that the legislator will most likely lose his life before or shortly after next year’s general elections unless she twists his methods, message and tone of communicating to the voters by refocussing from hatred against Museveni to telling what he will do for Ugandans if elected.

“I do not see the children of BobiWine having a father past the 2021 elections if he does not refocus his campaign from Hatred against Museveni to a Manifesto of what he is going to do for Uganda as a president,”she warned.

Kyalya also expressed her pessimism over a future for the country under Mr Kyagulanyi whom she brands a violent trouble causer. She says Uganda would be all doom for the civil servants who wouldn’t be able to work under an environment she foretells to be infested with trouble all through.

She went on to lament that the doom for which Uganda is headed is not the one many project from the regime soldiers but that engineered by Bobi Wine’s men whom she described as ” extremist terrorist leaning”

“I cannot even foresee a future where any calm and experiences Uganda civil servants can work in a violent Kyagualnyi Government. but as a mother I feel so scared of the violence in the forth coming elections not from the Museveni soldiers but from the threat of extremist leaning towards terrorism that this Museveni hatred cult will cause to Uganda.” She continued

Kyalya however says she is still remaining hopeful that the Electoral Commission will wield it’s whip on the errant Presidential aspirant at force him rethink the message he communicates as the only means of averting the looming catastrophe.

Bobi Wine with his ally Abubaker Kawalya – the KCCA Speaker

Kyalya’s outburst that will certainly not go well with Mr Wine’s cyber angry supporters comes at a time when cyber attacks against South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has generated the country’s political debate for nearly the last two weeks. Zari had while seemingly showing showing her support for the incumbent Museveni questioned Bobi Wine’s suitability for the country’s Presidency by challenging him to present his presidential credentials. The demand was however received with anger from the people Power faithfuls who not only insulted her but also the region where she comes from – Busoga, exposing the Movement’s reputation under intense scrutiny.

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