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By Andrew Baba Buluba

NBS Television news anchor Samson Kasumba has narrated life inside Kira Road Police Station hours after he was released on bail.

In his first interview with his employer station, Kasumba told show host Simon Kaggwa Njala that the officers who ushered him into a cell at the police station had offered him a blanket, a form of VIP treatment in detention, but he politely turned down the offer. Earlier, officers had taken away his phones to ensure that his communication with his station was cut off following his arrest Monday night.

“When I got arrested, I was not allowed to make any phone calls. Matter of fact, the security operatives were in a rush to take my phones. When we got to Kiira Police Station, I made sure I memorize the faces of as many of the officers as I could,” said Kasumba. “At the reception, I was checked and we later walked to the cell. I was given VIP treatment, they offered me a blanket but I humbly refused it because of Covid19. I had as well already composed my mind about spending the night in a cell.”

In the police cell, Kasumba says he listened to shocking tales from inmates. “I had inmates who became my mates. They started narrating their stories, chilling stories,” recalled Kasumba. “A one Kagoda told me he was picked from his veranda. He has been there for a week.”

The popular news anchor also revealed that his daughter has made up her mind on pursuing a profession in law after watching operatives search their home in Naalya on Tuesday.

“While they were searching my house, I was there and I am glad I sat with my girls and told them what was going on. One of my daughters wanted to be a pilot but now she wants to be a lawyer,” he said.

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