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By Mariam Mutooro

Celebrated media personality Dave Kazoora is facing it rough after he was accused of refusing to pay presenters at Vision Group’s Urban TV, only advising them to solicit bribes for survival, in his capacity as a manager at the station.

Kazoora, a typical TV nomad who has worked for several stations, provoked former NTV Uganda co-presenter Sheilah Gashumba when he weighed in on her claim that the Serena-based station was paying her as little as Shs50,000, money that couldn’t even pay her makeup bill. Kazoora argued that Sheilah was paid enough money because she worked for as low as seven minutes to earn Shs100,000 for her Style Project appearance.

“30min show with 3 hosts; so basically you will talk for 7 minutes or even less and you’re paid 100k. NTV provides makeup and cloth and you’re complaining it’s little! 100k, 7mins, that’s a job I would fancy,” Kazoora said.

But Sheilah shot back at Kazoora telling him he doesn’t know what it takes to make a woman look good on TV.

“Lol, 100,000ugx for a Style TV show of 30mins, how much do you think a whole outfit is from head to toe plus makeup sir for a Style TV show!! Clearly, you have never bought a lady anything, so I won’t blame you if you make such a statement,” Gashumba fired back.

In response, Kazoora emphasized that Sheilah should never have attacked NTV Uganda after leaving the station. He also insisted that she was paid well for the few minutes she worked for.

“I did not disagree with Sheilah Gashumba. However, I was letting her know that attacking her former station was not the right move. That aside, Sheilah was getting 100,000 Shillings for a 30-minute show, which I believe was good pay,” Kazoora told Uncut.

But one of Sheilah Gashumba’s fans told Kazoora to shut up because he openly told presenters at Urban Uganda that they will not be paid and should therefore go and look for how to survive during the time they are not on air.

“Lol! Kazoora has no moral authority to decide what is and what is not good pay. Man almost ran down my godmother station Urban TV when he was manager,” wrote a one Humphrey.

“He refused to pay presenters and told them, “mweyiye mu field”. Indirectly telling his presenters to solicit bribes to earn a payment.”

Humphrey is not the only one who has attacked Kazoora. Maxim GK Steurbaut, the boyfriend to former Urban TV presenter Sheila Saltoft, has accused Kazoora of chewing money meant for presenters like his girlfriend Saltoft who has since joined NBS TV.

“Kazoora shut your broke a*s up! Millions we demand you. Loser! Talking about money like he has some. This idiot owes people millions and is talking smack! He’s just sad, his shows are falling and nobody talks about ‘has-beens,” Steurbaut wrote.

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