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By Kevin Patrice

President Museveni convened a congregation of the Country’s clergy at State House Entebbe on Saturday 9 to ask God avert his anger against his people and besides the leaders of the various religeous denominations, other diginitories including Minister’s and former ministers such as Amama Mbabazi attended the function.

Speaker Kadaga was surprisingly absent at the function, the first time she has missed a function of such magnitude under unexplainable circumstances. Political bundits have been quick to point towards the current feud between the President and the Legislature as the cardinal cause of Kadaga’s missing at the venue.

It’s been reported by some sources that the bitter Museveni chose against inviting Kadaga who has been a source of trouble for him for the last two weeks ever since he publicly castigated members of the Legislature for indifferently knocking 10bn shillings of the 3004bns meant for the fight against Coronavirus.

The absence of Speaker Kadaga at a national Function organised by Museveni on Saturday at State House was an open reminder that the good times of old between the first and third most influential citizens of the country are indeed over.

Many have already concluded that the crisis between the tw has reached a point of no return and that the worst is yet to be seen between the two most powerful politicians under the current situation.

With majority of the MPs, including those from Museveni’s NRM party already showing confidence and determination to team up with Kadaga against Museveni, the above school of thought indeed makes some sense.

Other sources have however intimated to this news site that Kadaga had indeed been invited at the function but furiously rejected the invitation on grounds that she was feeling very exhausted after an action parked week.

With members of Parliament already speaking of Kadaga’s possible Presidential aspirations, the absence at the function could points towards the busy schedule she could be going through as she fine tunes herself and the team for the final show come next year.

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