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{By Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga, +256-703 072203 Whatsap,}

~For many times I have been against most of the Uganda’s media when it comes on the way you report about the government’s actions. But to be sincere, whoever does good should be appreciated. I salute you this time for supporting the government in this cause.

~Sometimes you watch the news and get angry. First to 6th bulletin are all hitting the government. You then wonder if the government is too bad to the extent that nothing good can be reported. This has been the main reason why a small number people have been brainwashed to think that the government is so bad, by following what media reports.

~Some Media Houses in Uganda have mastered the art of Deception. They will come to a National Function let’s say Independence Day celebrations. Then interview some Ugandans by giving them a non patriotic question such as “why do you think this independence is a wastage of time and resources? And then surprisingly, people interviewed are all from opposition. By the time one finishes watching the news about independence, will be brainwashed to think in that context.

~Some times, 10 people are contacted to react on government’s action on any matter. 7 out of 10 agree with the government while only 3 disagree. But the reports in media will give 4 people talking about the matter where 3 are against and 1 pro government. That’s when generally people would be made to think that 3/4 (75%) have disagreed when it was actually 3/10 (30%).

~However, for the first time, I have seen that generally all media houses are now publishing exactly according to what the government has said. When I navigate through radio stations after the President has spoken and the following day I check in the news paper headlines, I see that you are now on the right cause. No more lies and deception. I salute you.

~I take time to call in different parts of the country where I have got contacts, to ask what message is given to the people on ground. Surely I am pleased by local media stations who take time to translate the Coronavirus messages and laws put by the government very well and accurately. But previously, biased debates would follow every time the President or Government would communicate. You want to tell me that it’s only in this season that the government is indeed serious and well performing than never before? I doubt. It’s just that you had never picked interest in sharing positively on government.

~Some media companies have been started with the purpose of spreading propaganda as others are for special purposes such as music entirely or spiritual use. However, I now see a joint hand by media to support the government in spreading the messages against the Coronavirus. I thank you.

~I sometimes get furious finding that media houses have been committing treason but could not be touched just because they claim to be the fourth estate of development and are immune from being pinned for their treasonous actions. There has been a lot of impunity done by so called big companies and media unions/associations. They have been leading in pulling down the efforts of the government to develop as they claim they are the voice of people. But today, I surely see that they are the true voices of people. They have been so accurate when it comes to siding with the government on this serious matter. To me, as of April 2020, no more media traitors. I see serious patriotic media houses in Uganda. God bless you.

~I therefore, wish to encourage you to always bring good news to your people. It’s not that the government has always been bad. But rather be supportive. Like currently, the government is using all possible ways to fight the disease. It’s makes some mistakes and struggling with improving in one way on another during this panic period. But you have not zeroed on those small mistakes, instead you have ignored and sieved out the most important information to the people. I really commend you for this.

~Finally, I would wish you well in this terrible moment as you bring information to us. May you protect yourselves from this seemingly horrible man made bioweapon. Stay safe. You are part of the fighters on the behalf of millions of Ugandans.

May the Almighty Ruhanga/Allah/God bless you and protect you.

Yours fellow Ugandan,
Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga
+256-703 072203 Whatsap

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