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Uganda security torture victim

Uganda security operatives beat up a journalist.

Gun wielding operative ready to kill

Kamwenge mayor tortured to near death on the murder of Police boss AIGP Felix Kaweesi

A suspect tied behind a police patrol after being arrested

By the pigeon news reporters

George Floyd is a Black American whose murder by the Police has caused widespread riots and protests throughout the USA and all over the world. The protests have been replicated in the U.K, most of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Unlike the past incidents where black Americans have been arbitrarily murdered by the police in the USA, the riots in this particular incident, have been the worst because of the most inhumane way George Floyd, the victim, was murdered.

These Black Americans in the USA are descendants of slaves who were sold, by our African ancestors, to Arab slave traders in exchange for cotton cloth and rifles. These Africans have continued to face racial discrimination in the USA but have never thought of returning to Africa. This is because the social, political and economic repression in Africa is far worse than the racial discrimination Africans are facing in the USA.

The economies of African countries are sustained by the USA through donations, military aid, military arming, military training AND aid for education, healthcare and all manners of help. USA is the biggest funder of refugees in Africa. USA funds African despotic regimes via many means and knowing very well that the money USA gives Africa is stolen. USA knows very well that the military funding gives African despotic dictator leaders to violate human rights on the continent, wage wars, sustain wars, commit inhumane crimes on opposition, kidnap, maim, incarcerate, make vanish, execute, kill on live camera in broadlight, round up peaceful protesters and detain them in torture houses. The USA supports the worst atrocities on the African continent.

The African regimes will brutally curtail any attempt by citizens to carry out any form of solidarity protest. It’s for the same reasons that, save for Kenya where there was a low scale solidarity protest at the USA Embassy in Nairobi, the rest of Africa has been quiet.

Above all, owing to a well established tradition of brutally by African governments, the citizens of almost 99% of African countries view what befell George Floyd as a minor issue. They feel that the 8:46 minutes of “I can’t breathe” cries by George Floyd are nothing compared to hours, days, months and years of the unheard yelling of victims in illegal detention/torture facilities, police cells and prisons in Africa. Victims are gruesomely tortured to death and in some instances permanently maimed. Summary executions, mob justice, electrocuting, beatings, plucking out of nails, teeth and eyes, disabling of limb joints, starvation, solitary confinement, etc. is the order of the day.

The mass protests come amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in most countries. Coincidentally, the USA, U.K and Brazil are the COVID-19 worst hit countries and their lockdowns have not been lifted. In most African countries, the COVID-19 lockdown has been used, more as, a tool of political repression than a health precautionary measure. Presidential Decrees replaced statutory laws to be gruesomely enforced. Museveni’s law enforcement agencies have had a field day in indiscriminately arresting, maiming, torturing, arbitrarily killing and detaining without trial. The general population was subdued in the name of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

If the Black American, George Floyd, who was suffocated to death by the police in the USA had been murdered by the police in Uganda, he would have been accused of attempting to grab the gun from the arresting officer. The police would have been commended for acting in self defense. At worst, the police officers would have simply been taken to Police’s Professional Standards Unit (PSU) for professional misconduct and that would be the end of the story. Museveni has severally defended the gross abuses by his security goons.

In August 2018, when his security goons were captured on camera brutalizing a photo journalist, James Akena, Museveni said;
“I was briefed by security agencies that Akena was mistaken by security to be a petty thief and rioter trying to steal a Journalist’s camera.”

Two months later, in another incident when Museveni’s security goons were captured on camera brutalizing a one Yusuf Kawooya, Museveni said;

“When I inquired, the concerned people told me that the suspect had bitten them. That is very serious because some of our officers can be infected in that way and that should be an extra charge put on Yusuf Kawooya”.

It is out of this impunity, that in March 2019, the police arrested Ronald Ssebulime, handcuffed him and put him on a police truck before he was shortly after removed and shot dead by Cpl. Ssali Edward. What about the Jinja market vendor, Eveline Namulondo who was shot dead by the police at a police roadblock last month!!

The list is endless but Ugandans could not come out to protest because it’s criminal to get annoyed with the government in Museveni’s Uganda. Such protests would call for grave criminal charges of attempted murder and terrorism.

While George Floyd died crying out that he could not breathe, in Museveni’s Torture Chambers, victims are helplessly crying out that their necks, joints and bones are breaking but the world does not hear these victims’ voices.

Story credits: Martha Leah Nangalama

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