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By Kevin Patrice
President Yoweri Museveni may live to regret if he chooses to interprete the action of members of Parliament to hail him in recognition of his efforts in the fight against Coronavirus.

On May 12, Kole North MP Bony Okello moved a motion to recognize President Museveni for his exemplary and visionary role in leading efforts in leading the war against the Covid19 disease.

“The exemplary leadership of HE the President has seen Uganda become a beacon of hope in the fight against Covid19 and other deadly viruses and has mitigated the social and economic effects of the virus on Uganda compared to other countries which have all reported far worse Covid19 statistics, including infections and deaths compared to Uganda,” Hon Okello said in praise of President Museveni.

Most MPs agreed that Museveni should indeed be praised for being a visionary leader, a Pan-Africanist, Father of the Nation and Freedom Fighter as exhibited in his handling of the Corona crisis. A few like Kassiano Wadri of Arua Municipality said it was too early to appreciate Museveni for the successes made in the fight against Corona.

Where as Museveni achievement can easily be detected by even the blind, the timing of the motion, coming just less than a week after the House unanimously supported the Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda motion of displeasure against Museveni renders their actions questionable.

Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo equally believes the MPs’ actions could be having ulterior motives and not done in good faith.

Talking about the same, Opondo poured cold water on the MPs’ attempts to speak well of the President. Opondo was enraged when ICT and National Guidance Minister Judith Nalule Nabakooba informed her online audience about the issue, perhaps to show how Museveni was popular in Parliament contrary to the criticism from the House in the past few weeks.

“Parliament praises H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for being an exemplary leader in the fight against Covid19. Several legislators have taken to the floor of parliament to appreciate his selfless efforts in guiding citizens on how to avoid the pandemic,” wrote Minister Nabakooba.

But Opondo fired back at Nabakooba (Mityana Woman MP) and other MPs belonging to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party for trying to redeem themselves after they supported a motion to express displeasure in the presidency last week.

“In shame, NRM MPs trying to be ‘smart’ after being out foxed by Ibrahim Ssemujju’s bogus motion last week,” Ofwono Opondo responded to Minister Nabakooba.

With souring relations between the Executive and the Legislature becoming a public secret where most MPs have openly teamed up with Kadaga against Museveni,one would have all the grounds to treat the move by MPs to hail Museveni with all due suspicions it deserves.

There could be a plot by the anti Museveni Parliament to hoodwink the president into laying his guard against them as they clandestinely mobilise to hit him when and where it hurts most.

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