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It is very normal that people always talk about plan B and it always sounds good. People would say what’s your plan B if plan A doesn’t work. To this day I believe that it’s not necessary to have a plan B, in most cases plan A always fails because there is plan B. You can’t put 100% effort into executing plan A if you know there is plan B. In most cases, you always end up going with plan B.
Plan B is a backup plan. People always end using the backup plan because they didn’t put maximum effort in plan A to work. If you are to start a business but your plan B is to get employed if the business doesn’t work out, most chances are that you will end up employed and dump plan A.
So what exactly am I saying, you only need plan A, if plan A doesn’t work, you create another plan A, if not work again, you plan another plan A. This will reduce dilemmas in decision-making. If you chase plan A only, you have a chance to give it all your efforts because plan A it’s all that you have.
Imagine in a love relationship where there is plan A and plan B. Obviously, when plan A seems to give problems, the person will quickly switch to plan B, without giving maximum effort for plan A to work.
In most cases where there is plan B, we always end up going with plan B.
So be careful, before you create plan B, think about plan A first, why have you created it and what did you want to accomplish.
It is obvious at some point you will have to suspend plan A while developing plan B to exist. So you are wasting time developing an alternative plan B instead of continuing with your plan A.
Banabasi Marambire,
Barmlo Group Chairman.

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