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By Jinja Times Reporter

Contravasial City pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has hit back at his House ofPrayer Ministries counterpart Aloysius Bugingo for critiquing his earlier anti Yiga rants.

Ssenyonga came underfire over a press conference he held on Tuesday and bashed his fallen Revival Church leader Augustine Yiga whom he branded a sinner.

In the infamous media address, Ssenyonga alleged that pastor Yiga had sexually abused his followers.

He also alleged that he impregnated and infected others with AIDS.

When he visited the Kawaala based church later in the week, Bugingo trashed Ssenyonga’s hostilities towards the fallen cleric.

He argued that it was not proper for humans to judge their fellow humans, a role only reserved for God.

Ssenyonga has now responded by saying that he has no time to waste on Bugingo who is more less like his sinfull departed friend Yiga.

Ssenyonga contends that by dumping his first wife Teddy for Makula Susan who he calls a prostitute, Bugingo is no different from a sinful pastor Yiga.

Ssenyonga’s amplified attack may not help the situation especially now that his earlier rant has brewed rage among fellow pastors.

Some like Mondo Mugisha have demanded that the loosemouthed man of God apologises or he gets isolated by the Christian community.

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