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What problems does your business solve?

Thank you very much.  My associates and I run a business and investment consulting firm based in Kampala Uganda, East Africa working with businesses and investors to set up and manage successful plans, projects, and business strategies for profit and impact.

We help regional businesses and investments (or projects) to improve performance, comply with complex regulations and reduce costs – delivering measurable, sustainable results while keeping on the right path and vision. Our firm is called;  NBK PREMIER SOLUTIONS LTD.

Tell me about your humble business beginnings. How did you maneuver through?

My story is quite long, on a general perspective, I started business at the age of 8 years. And I have many trades under my hat with a very long story, but to focus on my consulting business experience; from 2008 to 2013 I was in profitable trade businesses but was greatly hit by a slump at some moment. It was at the time I had finished upgrading my studies and then it hit me hard that business was more complex than I thought.

In 2013 I found myself working on many development projects as a planner and strategist.  In 2014 I joined an investment firm as a way to just learn how investments and business were well-positioned in addition to what I knew.  In late 2014 while studying at Westford University College I started working with a Middle East based investment firm that exposed me to new heights.  In 2016 I fully settled back in Uganda and started my own consulting firm that is among Uganda’s best Consulting firms to date. How did I make it?  I have no typical point but I must say, Patience, dedication, passion for helping businesses especially startups, quality service, and trust have made us sail through the toughest of the business conditions.

Why should a customer buy or pay for your products or services?

Our experience and expertise in both consulting and business ownership (yep, we are business owners too) has over the years revealed strategies that accelerate growth. If your goal is to be the visionary and profit-making leader of your business, while your company systematically grows on its own, then our Consulting programs and services can work for you to make that happen. That’s the simple thing I tell our customers.  We don’t give traditional consultancy but we work with the business founders and managers to establish concepts and strategies that take them further.

Is there a particular business moment or memory that stands out for you?

Yes, in 2018, two years after our start and enduring years of struggle, brokenness, and whatever comes with struggling startups, I signed my first ever big investment consultancy project worth 100k USD. That was a huge breakthrough for us. I can never forget that moment even when I was sure most money would go to overheads but it was magical and proof that we were going to make it big in consultancy as time folds. Indeed we have moved greatly since then.

Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

Having made it from scratch and turned my life around to bless others is my biggest pride.  My consultancy firm has helped hundreds of startups to thrive, our mentoring platform has evolved hundreds of entrepreneurs and a lot more that come with the impact of our work.

What attracted you to the world of business?

Unluckily when I joined the business at a tender age, I was just seeking survival.  As I grew old to make independent choices, first it was the imagination and unlimited thinking that the business world brings.  But most importantly it is the unending possibilities that it provides.

What inspires you?

Seeing the economic scape and business people thrive through rightful ways of doing business.

What was the biggest challenge you faced at the beginning of your business journey?

Customer acquisition and overcoming criticism. Most important I have faced the biggest challenge of keeping up and driven each day as an entrepreneur.  I have overcome this but I must say it is a great challenge I have always faced, to keep up the morale, focus, and entrepreneurial libido amidst its all highs and lows.

Where do you see your business in the next 20 years?

We anticipate being Africa’s and Middles East’s leading business and investment non-traditional consultancy firm, God Willing.

Is there anything else you would like to share with me?

Yes, I didn’t introduce myself. =).    I am Nicholas Katushabe Quest (born Nicholas Katushabe) commonly referred to as Nicholas K. Quest.

I am a Ugandan-born transformational Author, serial entrepreneur, consultant, social commentator, publisher, and optimistic peak performance trainer.

From economic-social issues, citizenry  & human transcendence, I radically create strategies, publish books & programs, initiate projects, concepts, and ventures that elevate key systems for shaping business and humanity’s future, productivity, and outstanding corporate and individual legacies.

With a transcendent approach, I identify opportunities from the crowd & proactively put them forward into ideas & solutions for businesses, investments, people, organizations, and projects.

I work with business owners and entrepreneurs to elevate key systems for business, humanity’s extraordinariness, and productivity.

You can follow me on Twitter: @KatushabeN and on Facebook:  Nicholas K. Quest

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