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By Andrew Baba Buluba

Kampala Distinct Woman MP Nabila Sempala Naggayi had her bid to seek election for the Kampala Lord Mayorship under the FDC ticket rejected after reportedly returning her expression of interest forms late.

Speaking to this website, Mr Augustine Ojebile who is a member of the party Electoral Commission charged with receiving the forms on Wednesday 15 explained that Nabila’s forms couldn’t be accepted for the exercise had been closed the previous day.

” There is nothing like any hidden agenda here. The rules were clear. This exercise was meant to stop two weeks ago but it was extended to give aspirants more time to organise. We closed on Tuesday and no more forms could be received beyond that date. That was the rule and everyone knew it. He told in a telephone conversation.

Nabila seemingly contemplating her next move.

Although Nabila later faulted her party for reportedly persecuting her for her role in the 2017 party Presidential elections where she strongly opposed the current leadership under Party President Eng Patrick Amuriat, we have reliably established that she had planned this move for a long time.

Having weighed her chances against the party’s new girl in the block – Dr Stella Nyanzi Nalongo and concluded that she stood no chance against her whatsoever, Nabila resolved to try her luck against the strong FDC ally – Lukwago eventhough she still knew it would be a very high mountain for her to climb.

While certainly aware that the party would decline her bid for fear of confusion with Lukwago- the Deputy People’s President, She hatched a plan that would make FDC’s decision on the matter contravasial and resultantly offer her candidature some kind of legitimacy. By so doing she would attract some more media attention which she badly needs at this time having nearly been relegated into near political Oblivion both on the floor of Parliament and in her constituency.

Even before yesterday’s development, Nabila clearly knew that she couldn’t have won any FDC primaries be it for the Woman MP or any other position having grossly fallen out with the party that nurtured her political career as a youth in the mid 2000s.

Besides absconding from party activities and meetings at Najjanankumbi including the NEC where she is a member, Nabila had furiously torn the Najjanankumbi outfits to threads both in the media and public for their reported violence based political approach as compared to her preferred pro- Muntu method of structural building and dialoguing.

Having now successfully made FDC fall into the trap,Nabila will most likely turn to Mugisha Muntu’s ANT for endorsement and attract sympathy from the unsuspecting Kampala voters who would be duped to unsuspectingly feel that the woman who has represented Kampala for the last 15 years was unfairly discarded by her party.

MP Nabila likely to face off with Lukwago next year

As such, Nabila expects to reap devidends in Kampala on behalf of political newbies – ANT who desperately need presence in the Country’s capital.

The above explains why the errant lawmaker opted to return her forms a day late without any strong reason even when she certainly knew that her relationship with the party leadership at tje time was not at it’s best at all. It means that what she wanted was not the party’s flag in next year’s elections but rather an excuse that would legitimize her Mayoral bid and also help establish Mugisha Muntu in Kampala.

No wonder, she cunningly made her resolve publicly known when she maintained that she would still seek the people’s mandate for the particular office with or without FDC while also questioning why she wasn’t given some preferential treatment especially in a situation where the party has got no single individual who has expressed interest in the position she is seeking.

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