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This morning when I woke up, social media was circulating a list of NUP candidates for the Eastern Uganda. Yesterday the list circulating was for Buganda region. Soon others for Northern and Western regions will be released. This is no mean achievement for a party of two months old.

However this morning still, NBS is hosting brother Lewis Rubongoya -the Secretary General of NUP and a senior party member veteran Micheal Mabikke. Interestingly the debate Njala has chosen is so shallow….” Why didn’t Hon Mabike get a party endorsement?” The same NBS had the same topic for discussion last night on Barometer.

I wish to loudly ask other political parties that before we pin NUP on the roasting wall for failing to satisfy each and every politician, where are your candidates? Doesn’t it worry you to see even those who have not made it not running back to you but instead run as independents?!

Analysts in various talk shows are discussing those who were not successful through the NUP vetting Committee. That is the irony of Ugandans…our brains have been tuned to negativity. I wish to challenge you to discuss those who went through and what that means to the politics of Uganda.

Ugandan, Don’s in a very lazy way declared Museveni and his system undefeatable and they are out looking for evidence to backup their theory. If we were to be fair to NUP we would discuss it’s weaknesses and it’s strength togetherband fairly.

To start with, we would highlight the fact that young and old politicians are all struggling to get the NUP ticket.,…We would interogate why this is the case. Lazyness makes different analysts dismiss NUP-politicians as opportunists.

Fine, assuming that we the politicians who joined NUP are just looking for quick fixes to satisfy our “greed”. If this is the case then at least acknowledge that NUP has more chances at polls than DP,FDC,JEEMA,ANT and that is one of the reasons different people are doing all they can to be it’s flag bearers. What our scholars should add to the political debate and assist Ugandan Political conversations to enrich us with the reasons a young party enjoys such support?

The other issue worthy intellectual analysis is that the old opposition parties are failing to attract politicians, failing to raise candidates for both local and National positions. Let these much older parties be questioned on why they are finding themselves in this deficit ?

As NUP is being nailed on the cross for “failing man to perform a miracle by giving out one position to six contestants”, other opposition parties should be grilled on why they don’t have candidates! The chief executives should come out and tell the Country the plan they have to overthrow the Dictatorship.

All the opposition parties should not be allowed to hide behind NUP talk and fail to account for their inabilities. For example DP went for a delegates conference, but what was the outcome? Equally after very shameful party primaries, NRM is tactifully sponsoring noise around the young NUP to drown it while at the same time hiding it’s embarrassment. Why are our political analysts silent about all this?

Museveni is using the courts of law to strangle the baby NUP that is also a target for unfair demand for excellency. Most probably the indifference exhibited in the reaction of the Ugandan elite to this injustice will offer the Junta a very good environment to employ might and kill off this new effort by Oppressed Ugandans. Comrades, shape up.

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