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Growing up at Nyabushenyi, Rukungiri, we had and still have a gentleman called Mwami Zayenda, a non-documented genius. Had we been writers of our stories, Mr. Zayenda should be one of the greatest inventors and innovators of our age.
In the times when hydroelectricity was reserved for district town centers, this gentleman had utilized Kyabamba river which flows through Kisiizi Waterfalls to generate electricity but only for his household. On my visit to his mini hydroelectric power plant, he informed me that he was willing to provide electricity for the whole village or even beyond that but he had no means!
He is right.
The would-be collaborators, the few educated fellows went to “Kampala”, where 99% of opportunities are. You’ve also probably heard that 1% of chances of “success” are in villages! My little brother Christopher recently cracked me up when he joked, “We have the food!”
You know, the world has programmed many of us to believe that life should be about getting an education, finding a good job in a bigger city, moving from one job to a better one. Retire at 60 with a house, a small pension, half salary, and a car… and then wait for death.
But who will document and improve the works of the likes of Mr. Zayenda?
John Smith?
Who will improve our villages? Who will solve the problems faced by our people? Who will add value to Ajone, Kwete, Tonto, Omuramba, Enturire, Matooke, Potatoes, Millet, Coffee… Everything?
Is the reason for your living really about working to pay for rent, affording TV subscriptions, buying a plot of land, building a house, buying a car, retiring, and then dying?
My good friend,
Why are you alive?

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