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By Mariam Mutooro

Former people power blogger Ashburg Kato has openly ruled out the possibility of issuing an apology to Bebe Cool and members or supporters of his Gagamel crew for the social media contests he was involved in against them when he was still in people power.

Ashburg said that even though he had already come out to apologize to President Museveni for the insults he had hurled at him and his government over his decade long career as a blogger, he didn’t find it necessary for him to come out to issue yet another apology for the Silent Majority principal Moses Ssali, alias Bebe Cool since he had not joined NRM to serve him but rather President Museveni.

“I will not apologize to Bebe Cool and the Gagamel International Crew for the fights and verbal exchanges that we held simply because I didn’t join NRM to work for any of them but President Museveni,” said Ashburg Katto.

Ashburg Kato with President Museveni at his farm in Kisozi Gomba district before he announced his defection

This act will most likely set the stage for antagonism for the former Bobi Wine ally since Bebe Cool has gained a lot of influence in the ruling National Resistance Movement, with some notable members of the entertainment industry joining President Museveni’s time courtesy of his workmanship.

Kato appeared on one of the local TV stations on Wednesday on bent knees, apologizing to Museveni and his fixer Balaam Burugahare for having insulted them in the past.

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