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Fresh developments are emerging linking controversial Lands State Minister Sam Mayanja to dirty land dealings involving renowned city land grabber and Mafia Ephraim Ntanganda as being behind the recent eviction of Dr Apollo Kaggwa from his land in Wakiso.

On Tuesday 4th July 2023Dr Apollo Kaggwa (75yrs) reported how the State Minister for Lands Sam Mayanja used his position to rob him of his land that house a series of projects set out for his retirement plan worth billions of money in Wakiso, Mayanja is reported to have given the land to 13 people un known to Dr Kaggwa disguised as  squatters.

The give-away was done in full glare of the  leaders of Wakiso while the shock stricken Kaggwa looked on in disbelieve as heartless  goons razed down his establishment that house his dream of retiring in peace.

It should be recalled that Dr Kaggwa had a fierce battle with Ntaganda after he attempted to grab his land in Kajjansi where he also cut down trees using machete wielding goons that almost killed Dr Kaggwa. It took the intervention of the legal hand to bring back sanity at Kajjansi.

The unfolding events at Wakiso are similar to what happened in Kajjansi last year, the same goon that were employed by Ntaganda and the ones still deployed in Wakiso and are using that same tricks to execute their mission. They compromised the police systems and local political force including the area legislator Medard Sseggona, Resident District Commissioner Justine Mbabazi and the District Police Commander Robert Katuramu to have their mission executed.

Ntaganda splashed millions of shillings to the top area brass, paid over 40 goons and also hired graders that were on standby to bring down the properties on the land, raze the banana plantation on top of stealing poles and barbed wire rolls, stealing birds and animals that were in the stores and farm gates

Intel coming shows that Ntaganda  is revenging against Dr Kaggwa  following a  hands down defeat in Kajjansi  where he was arrested and kept behind the  bars at Kajjansi police station  for one night  before bribing police with millions to be released the following day for fear of losing his clout among the business folks.

Following the Kajjansi defeat he took a low profile and packed his fleet of luxury personalized number plated cars and began driving small sedans to disguise away from those goons that were hunting for him demanding monies. Things further went out of hand and security started investing Ntaganda following information that he was disguising as a State house liked person an umbrella he was using to threaten people that he is connected. This forced him to flee to Dubai for some time and he labored to normalize issues.

Ntaganda is not new to land grabbing deals, he was behind the acquisition of fake titles in wetlands along the northern bypass, fake titles on land in Luzira wetlands where him and others including Hassan Basajjabalaba had fleeced Uganda Electricity Transmission Company over 40 billion in illegal compensation, a mission that was later stopped by government.

He is also cited in illegal acquisition and compensation for land along the Entebbe express way and parts of Bugolobi using over 10 briefcase companies jointly owned by his close associates and family members including his wife.

This time round the land grabber used the minister to get access to land and also mobilized purported squatters who began raising demands of compensation and ownership of pieces of land where they have not been living.

There has been pressure mounted on the minister to quickly produce land titles on the land so as to cement the settlement of the squatters but this seems to be hitting a dead end after commissioner in the lands minister declined to process then until his share of 500 million is put on table.

As if this is not enough there are also plans to fabricate stories of human rights against Dr Apolo Kaggwa so that he can be arrested and dragged to court later to be remanded to give the minister and the land grabbing curtail an opportunity to effectively execute their mission without being interrupted by Dr Kaggwa whom in collusion with some forces in the judiciary want to be put in cells for over a month.

However this land grabbing phenomenon has attracted the attention of the senior lands minister Judith Nabakooba who is reported to have convened a meeting last week to establish the facts and also appraise the actions of the junior minister along with the security teams in Wakiso led by the RDC Justine Mbabazi and DPC.

There is a reported meeting that is expected this week as the minister further delves into establishing the facts but is has been eluded by Minister Mayanja and some of his accomplices claiming to have field trips but it has been established that the junior lands minister is under a lot pressure from the brokers to give them the titles to the land and also allow them to make a final assault on the property to be able to demolish the remaining structures.

For fear of the embarrassment Minister Sam Mayanja is reported to have skipped cabinet this week as reports of his work were not pleasing to the head of state and colleagues who are faulting for having not done enough due diligence and turning the guidelines of the state house anti-corruption unit report into recommendations to suit the interests of his beneficiaries without taking full understanding of the repercussions.

As we speak Minister Nabakooba has not been furnished with the report relating to this case but details of her engagements shall be published in our next story.

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