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By Kevin Patrice
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is scheduled to address the nation today Tuesday 19th, just a day after he announced a lockdown whose details were so ambiguous for the majority of his subjects to understand.

In the message that was released through the official government channels of Communication, the president will be making a second impromptu media appearance for purposes of making clarity on some of the confusing terms of some of the aspects of the lockdown that were lifted yesterday.

Among the remarks that were widely interpreted as confusing for the Nationals include; Opening of shops and public transport.

Whereas the president stressed that he had allowed public transport to resume, carrying passengers at half capacity, the term of having to wear masks for each passenger was a cause of confusion In a sense that the said masks are to be solely provided by the government which president Museveni said would only be done from June 2.

Even for those who are allowed to open up shops, the new legislation on the use of masks makes it very hard to interpret. With all people only allowed to leave their homes with masks on, businesses allowed to operate would practically have no customers to buy from them since they would remain grounded until government masks are delivered about two months ahead.

The biggest paradox of the presidential guidance on easing the lockdown as per his Monday 17 address is the fact that he had unconsciously announced a tougher lockdown by prohibiting the use of improvised masks by the people. That means that’s other categories of the essential workers who had prior been allowed to operate would not do so since they too have no access to these masks and yet applying the law on wearing masks would be disastrous hence brewing more rage among the already aggrieved population.

Below are some of the reactions and requests to the president by Ugandans on social media as President Museveni prepares to address the nation later today.

Your Excellency let people who can afford face masks buy for themselves not waiting for the govt ones if at all food distribution has failed in some parts for instance here in Gayaza how can we be convinced that Nytil with finishing the masks within 14days???? Kindly Your Excellency looks into that issue…Richard Wakwati

I really hope that he comes with some proper reasoning this time. Because honestly, if I own a private car, or have enough money to purchase a mask like N95 which is highly approved by WHO. A mask like the one he was wearing, I don’t see a reason to stay grounded waiting for his free mask. I really really hope that he doesn’t come back to confuse us like he did yesterday.

Let whoever affords those masks I see his ministers and himself wearing be allowed to use public means because we need to change locations, the pandemic may last for so long and need to close again or completely may arise, Annette K Nimusiima.

It’s clear. The lockdown continues until you receive the mask. He assumes in 2 weeks they’ll be ready. But also consider they’ll have to distribute them to everyone which will take another 2 weeks. Basically don’t expect to get out until July! Bisilolo Allen

Your Excellence, as you clarify on issues, be clear on the issue of candidates and finalists in different institutions of higher learning how they will get back to class!
Sending candidates and finalists alone is expensive to institutions especially private institutions/schools since they rely on one teacher to teach different classes even part-time teachers are heavily relied on and from the look of things part-time teaching Will be hard.
Parents who can’t manage to buy a 3,000- mask, are starving, Will they manage heavy tuition and other costs involved in taking these learners to school? Which strategy are you putting in place to cushion these candidates from vulnerable families as you think about the rest of the students?
I think it’s time for the government to cover 90% of education costs for at least the whole coming financial year as parents stabilize. (Both in private and government-aided institutions)…Rwasiibire Alexis.

The problem of politicizing everything. Something’s need to be straight and clear. That kind of confusion was not necessary. Plus the person who came up with Nytil producing masks, really! There was no sense in that, we already have masks everywhere. You have enough budget for police and defense to enforce the “wearing masks law” if you want. Why should it be so complicated to lift lockdown, I just don’t get it. Anguzu Godwin Tukumbo

Why can’t he specify on the approved masks so that those who can afford access to them upcountry can resume business because what I have observed people currently have masks and they were not offered to them by the government so using free masks as an excuse isn’t reasonable, I even wonder what the importance of those ministers that sit beside him, do they really think, or they fear him? Another thing the mothers who stay in the markets, how does he want them to move from home to work yet there are no specific means of transport allowed, or he wants them to go after 14days…Busingye Layton.

Ok, Mzee I hope that you will help our people abroad especially girls who are working as housemaids because they are being raped, killed, bitten even not giving them food others contracts were over they are suffering for nothing, let me wait until I see your kind heart as an old parent…Ankunda Linda.

He should explain to us how the mask thing will work
If the masks are ready in two weeks, how about their distribution to the Ugandans.
How about Ugandans who can afford the masks before the 14 days can they come to the public?
Can those who can afford them do it themselves?
Do we all have to wait on the government? If so what happens if the government doesn’t deliver?
Some of us in Kampala, like me, have never received food, what will happen with the masks?
I need only answers and straight forward answers not stories

Thank you NTV Uganda…Nakyeyune Carolyn.

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