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By Kevin Patrice

Before venturing into politics in 2017, Bobi Wine was arguably one of the most respected musicians in the country that most artistes looked up to.

It’s not surprised thus that his Kyadondo East parliamentary bid was grossly supported by the music industry, partly playing a vital role in his victory.

Even when he announced that he would be challenging for the Presidency later on, as expected, most musicians lined behind him only to start falling off one by the one moreso between last year and now.

It’s been discovered that there is a certain curse that has followed those that have decamped Bobi Wine’s movement to wherever they have gone as things have seemingly not been as they had probably expected.

Bellow are the five musicians who betrayed Bobi Wine and what they have been up to of late.

1 Bucha Man

Famously known as the Ghetto Vice President during his time with Bobi Wine at Fire base entertainment crew, Bucha Man, real name Mark Bugembe joined his former master’s political rival Gen Yoweri Museveni and was subsequently appointment Presidential envoy.

Things have not been what one would describe as perfect for the man who has since named himself Ghetto President. Bucha Man has been to police cells twice since his appointment the first time being when he was thrown onto a police pickup like a chicken thief while trying to defend his ghetto constituents from what he called unfair land eviction. The second came when he was recorded on camera assaulting fellow musicians Rocky Giant.

2 Catherine Kusasira

A Presidential Advisor on the affairs of Artistes, Kusasira’ s juicy appointment seems to have no come with the projected advantages either. She is on record lamenting on how she and fellow musicians are sitting on a burning surface due to isolation they are suffering in the party.

She said events promoter Balaam Barugahare, Silent Majority leader Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, fellow Presidential envoy Bucha man are very much hated by members of the ruling party.

Earlier on, Kusasira had been one of the recipients of the mineral water bottle throwing protest from revellers who were standing with singer Bobi Wine whose music shows had been banned.

3 Ronald Mayinja.

Before the soft spoken singer met with President Museveni back door, it had appeared obvious that he was destined for Parliament come 2021. His Gomba parliamentary dream has since vanished.

He has since confessed wrongdoing after being duped by state brokers and he has been admitted back into Kyagulanyi’s NUP party but just as an observer without an active role.

4 Bosmic Otim

When still in the good books of Mr Kyagulanyi, not even the sky looked like would be the limit for the Northern Uganda popular Reggie star. He had harboured a parliamentary dream which would certainly be supported by NUP in his native Gulu.

Since falling out with Mr Kyagulanyi, the last time we heard was that he was a prison candidate over issuing fake accademic documents to the NRM Electoral Commission for his parliamentary bid.

5 Hassan Ndugga

The popular Kadongokamu singer was over the moon after meeting the President during the Luwero trek early this year. He would latter launch a serries of hostile attacks on Kyagulanyi after reportedly being promised hundreds of millions of money to support his cosmetic business.

He months later made a U -turn back to Kyagulanyi’s camp after alleging that the ruling party had duped him in a non existent deal.

Last month, he was arrested in Masaka over a 30 million debt chocking him despite his hassles in a traditional shrine business.

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