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By Mariam Mutooro

Shocking findings have revealed that the UAE government moved to send back a group of 450 Ugandans suspected of having the deadly Coronavirus.

The group reportedly landed back at Entebbe airport on Friday last week, just a day before the president announced the directive to bar incomings and outgoings at the international airport according to Sweden-based Ugandan popular blogger, Eddy Messiah.

The report further intimated that the group was reportedly not screened on arrival and they continued to mix up freely with the general public.

Upon learning of the development from the first confirmed case of the disease last week, the Ministry of Health ordered that all the returnees from Dubai be traced. All 8 people that were intercepted and screened turned out to be positive of COVID19.

In a written statement on his Facebook page, the furious blogger faulted the security at Entebbe airport and the health Ministry for taking the matter so lightly which has consequently put the lives of the public at risk.

“Imagine 442 people spread in the different places of the country and this may result in a very big loss of lives. I appeal to the government to arrest all those that were on duty that day who did not do their job,” Mesaih appealed.

If the allegations turn out to be true, this is mostly to translate into the biggest catastrophe on the continent with the number of Coronavirus cases likely to drastically shoot up in the next couple of days.
Egypt and South Africa are the most hit countries on the continental Africa 237 and 276 cases confirmed respectively as of Monday 23 March.

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