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President Museveni with former Primier Amama Mbabazi- file photo

Very reliable sources have revealed a plan by President Yoweri Museveni to recall former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi for urgent deployment amidst a bitter political crisis in the ruling National Resistance Movement party.

We have reliably found out that Museveni has remembered his old friend Mbabazi and has already been given a motorcade and lead car plus heavy security befitting the statesman he once was before falling out with the statusquo in 2015.

Mbabazi had been Museveni’s right hand man right from the guerilla days of the early 1980s where he rendered an invaluable service to the National Resistance Army rebel outfit as a chief resource mobiliser and an intelligence chief.

After capturing power in 1986, Mbabazi would go on to serve in all key cabinet positions including Trade, Finance, Security, Local Government, Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Internal Affairs, Defence, Attorney General among others.

By the time of his bitter split with President Museveni in 2015, Mbabazi doubled as Prime Minister and NRM Secretary General, positions that meant he was seemingly the most powerful man in the country after the President.

Rumour has it that Mbabazi met his bad days in the ruling party for desiring to take a shot at the most high office of the land and indeed, he challenged his boss in the 2016 general elections, something that gave some credibility to the claim.

The outcome of the polls was actually not what the proven statesman had anticipated. After attractive a paltry 100,000 votes representing less than 2% of the votes cast, it looked as though it would be the end of the celebrated former party executive.

Going on to challenge the results of the election in the courts of law, Mbabazi would later go incognito after the ruling didn’t not favor him either.

There were also some unsubstantiated claims of purging on party members loyal to Mbabazi with many being dropped from key government positions including cabinet.

It was also reported by various media outlets that Mbabazi would be prosecuted for a number of crimes he had allegedly committed while still serving in government.

In May 2018 however, the public was shocked when Mbabazi and Museveni appeared at the give away ceremony of the former’s daughter to the somln of South African President Ceryl Ramaphosa.

The jolly encounter between the two former allies ignited rumours of an eminent reunion, which many projecting that Mbabazi was would soon bounce back into cabinet as Vice President.

The former Prime Minister remained tight lipped as the rumours slowly subsided.

A few months later however, Mbabazi appeared at President Museveni’s upcountry farm in Gomba and photos taken as the former Presidential Candidate grabbed a brown kaki envelope from the Head of State.

This particular encounter sent tongues wagging with many projecting big things for the former Museveni man.

A number of public appearances between Museveni and Mbazi would follow since then, at State House for national prayer, at the garage sita celebrations of the UPDF in January this year, the NRM delegates conference at Nambole at the end of January among others.

At the peak of havock from Bobi Wine’s people Power/ NUP, one wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mbabazi, a proven problem solver has been recalled to help sail the NRM board to safety from the life threatening storm.

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