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By Faith Sanyu

Almost a day after senior NBS television news anchor Samson Kasumba was arrested and detained at Kira Road Police post, the good news coming in is that he is a free man after having been released on police bond on Tuesday 21 at around 9 pm.

On 20 April at night, Samson Kasumba, a senior anchor and journalist at NBS Television, was arrested. This occurred soon after anchoring news with his co-worker Sheila Nduhukire. Traveling home to rest from a long tiring day, Samson’s night plans were disrupted by his unexpected arrest.

According to sources, intelligence men commonly dressed arrested and detained him at Kira Police Station. The anchor’s home was also raided in the suburbs of Naalya and thoroughly searched. However, Samson’s lawyers were not allowed to communicate with him or intervene in the case until later.

His anxious co-workers, Canary Mugume and Sheila Nduhukire shared the anchor’s demise on a live broadcast. They also gave details of Samson’s daily routine, from the time he left the bulletin room to when he was arrested.

After spending 24 hours in a cell, Samson was released on police bond. Based on the CP Police Spokesman Fred Enanga’s address, the journalist was accused of subversive activities and dishonoring his journalistic duties. The details of the accusations were still unclear. The police, as usual, were not as generous as to spill more details concerning his arrest.

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