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Some of the inmates appreciated after they attempted to escape

Thas been tension in Arua as gun sound rocked the area as a joint force of the UPDF and the Uganda Prisons force persued a group of about 30 inmates that had escaped from Arua state Prison on Saturday afternoon.

The group is thought to have among others included one hardcore offender who had just been sentenced to life imprisonment a few days ago.

Following the Swift reaction from the joint force of the UPDF led by Brigade Commander Col Jackson Kayanja and the Uganda Prisons, ten of the inmates that had escaped had been arrested and returned to the confinement facility.

It’s also reported that that the escapees had injured some prison officers and ran off with guns.

By press time, the situation was still very tense but the District Residential Commissioner for Arua Ms Alice Akello promised that all the culprits would with no doubt be apprehended and called for calm.




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